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Hi. I'm pixelkumi! I'm an illustrator from Scotland

I have a love of retro Japanese things...I remember looking at net souzai material as a kid and learning how to code HTML so my profiles would look cooler.

I have plans of moving to Japan to open a risograph studio. I love love love risoprinting and try to use it as much as I can with my illustrations.

I am also half Japanese and so take a lot of inspiration from retro Japanese stuff. If you're going to Japan, you can check out my Japan page to see my recommendations for places to visit!

I also love collecting zines. You can check out my fav ones here. If you have any recommendations - please let me know! I particularly like illustration heavy ones and comic books, or magazines.

I'm also really into fashion, you can check out my various outfits and inspo here.

Currently I'm really into cult party kei(?) and real y2k, especially from Japan.

Hi. I'm pixelkumi! I'm an illustrator from Scotland

NAME: pixelkumi

PRONOUNS: she/her

AGE: 23

SIGN: cancer

MUSIC: Pinkpantheress, Charlixcx, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

FOOD: Matcha latte, strawberry chocolate, croquettes